I'm A big Car enthusiast and like fixing and improving older cars. I own a Volkswagen Phaeton V8 as daily driver. I got several degrees for car mechanic and as daily job I'm a software programmer for ecommerce companies. I'm also autodidact and in this way I can improve myself in everything I'm interested.

I did and do a lot for the VW phaeton community, helping others with problems, improving repair procedures and even invent fixes or new functionalities like car-android merged together with car electronics in the Phaeton. Finding other ways to fix things instead of engine removal procedures to save costs but also avoiding other future problems. Also electronic related issues are fixed in a way that no new or not available components are needed.

Classic cars are a way where I can express my capabilities, by finding a good fix without needing to replace the parts. Of course when parts are needed I will use new/old stuff to get it fixed the safest way, but these parts are not always available.

I also want to express my creativity in the design of a car, most classic cars are good as they are and I will not customize rare cars. But if a car is far from getting it original, I like to customize it to give it a new life.

When a classic car or custom car is ready I like to share it, and the car will be available for others, I cannot keep all these cars.
On this website I will share these cars, and they will be available for other car enthausiasts.

Greetz: Jorg

Veghel, The Netherlands