Top Chop

A top chop is not done much in Europe. It is a common modification to older cars in America and gives a classic car a modern and sportier appearance.

A chopped roof turns your oldtimer into a unique classic car. This can be done in an extreme way or in an elegant way, which makes the oldtimer more beautiful.

At Carsbyjorg, these types of body modifications are a specialization that are carried out with an eye for the existing design. The strength of the structure is maintained as much as possible and may or may not be reinforced by additionally coupling and completely welding the inner structure. The aim is to have the sheet metal fit nicely without the need for additional filler to correct the lines, which increases the strength of the sheet metal and makes the finishing much neater.

Our passion for creating unique solutions ensures that your classic car really becomes your car, with your ideas incorporated.

So let me know your ideas quickly and see if we can create something beautiful.