Chop top VW bug with suicide doors #25

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As promised I made this summary for the top chop of the vw beetle 1950 with the oval backwindow.

I bought the car in septembre 2021, with the idea to give it a top chop.
It was to expensive to make it original in total so I decided to create something I like.
My idea was to give it customizations as much as possible, but with originality in mind.


Some pics of the original capella chopped Beetle in this thread

Interesting how it's the "lesser trodden" route in chopping a beetle _ the two roofs /flat chopped approach being much more common, when you consider "sprint mini coopers" being chopped this way (slightly leaning in the A n C pillars) n pre date the capella approach by a decade or more...

Another chopped bug

I had this link saved aged ago _ seems to bring up them nasty pop up "you've won" etc pages every 2nd attempt to click onto it... Apologies for this _ it was okay to link when I originally saved it as I also sent it onto a friend who is into vws

HI Jorg,
Its sort of explained here, but not very well_ the rat rod lads use this approach quite a bit n it's often mentioned in their for sale ads...

I'll post up some other links in a minute _ very early 50s oval channeled n chopoed with heavily leaned back A pillars...

Same car still owned by original owner builder...

I've a few other links to chopped bugs I might put up if you have no objections.

I hope to build a chopped bug sometime in the future~ just at Collecting rough cheap doors at the moment stage...
Well I didn't know that this kind of chop has it's own name. Where did you find information about this Cappella chop? The decklid does meet the roof very well so in my case I don't have to correct a gap. Because the chop is not that big; from rear to front is a chop from zero to 8 centimeters.
Love the approach you took with your Oval _ I have been a big fan of this style of chop _ the " capella chop" they call it in US.
Very hard to find much details on the technique applied to a fully fendered Bug.
Whats the approach with the decklid _ the transition to roof?
I saw a 70 era beetle in a magazine years ago n the added a wedge band to the closing edge area swage line of the decklid. I was thinking rotating the rear wings slightly forward ala some drag cars might be another solution to this...
Anyways best of luck with the build, I'll be checking in again!!
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