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This restoration started by chance, when I was looking for parts of a Classic Mini. This car passed by in a marketplace advertisement and I was actually sold immediately. Chrysler only produced 980 of these cars in 1950 and is therefore a unique example. At that time, the convertible model of the Chrysler Windsor did not sell enough and Chrysler decided to make a coupe model from the convertible model. This model got a steel roof and the B-pillar design remained the same, giving this unique coupé model an open character without the B-pillar. The car has a flathead 6 cylinder in-line engine coupled to a fluid drive 4-speed gearbox, driven to the rear wheels. The interior is stylish and contains 2 benches for a comfortable ride, sufficient for 5 to 6 people.

The restoration

During the restoration, 2 small rust spots were tackled on the bottom, the size of 2 cm2. For the rest, the entire bottom is free of rust, only flash rust is present. The car has clearly been preserved in a dry area. The biggest points in the restoration were the overhaul of the gearbox where the bearings were replaced and everything was cleaned. Sprockets are fine and have suffered no damage. The engine has been completely cleaned inside and all components for the cooling system have been replaced, the radiator has remained the same as it is leak-free. Hoses have been replaced and ignition parts have been renewed. The electrical wiring has been replaced completely according to schedule, the 6 volt system has remained that way.
The entire braking system has been renewed and brake drums have been restored. The exhaust has been completely replaced under the car.

The leather interior has been completely addressed, it was completely decayed by the sun and dried out. The color scheme and pattern have remained exactly the same. The cream colors are also made of leather so that it is easy to clean.
The headliner has been replaced in the same arch pattern and the carpet has been renewed.

Furthermore, the fuel tank has been cleaned and fitted with a filter, the roof has been restored to the correct color and the paint of the car has been completely cleaned and slightly polished. All systems have been made working again and lighting is equipped with approved h4 headlights and reflectors in the other lighting have been replaced for better visibility.

The car has been immediately approved by the RDW and has a Dutch license plate and is immediately ready to drive. For example, enjoy a ride to the Drive-in Cinema in 's Hertogenbosch or to an American car meeting.


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